Ever seen a drunk puppet?! Booze. Facebook. Sex. Carbs. Fess up: what’s your guilty pleasure?

Sunny Drake presents a magical, whimsical and honest look at addiction, grounded in LGBTQ experiences. Stunning stop motion animation by ingrid k brooker and sharp live performance meld in this fast-paced one-man show. X is your window into the whimsical world of two best friends and two puppets searching for an escape from reality. Stop motion animation, puppetry and live performance meld in this fast-paced one-man show, a tongue-in-cheek exploration of quick fixes and fixations hard to quit.

“Animator Ingrid K Brooker is to be applauded for creating a surrealist world that exists alongside that of the set giving it a magical quality and multiple dimensions for the characters to play in. I felt the strongest aspects of the show included this integration of stop animation, multimedia and puppetry as a means of communicating difficult emotions and symbolism of the internal state of the characters.”
Review from XS entertainment


Here I am animating X. This was my first time using silicone models, ball and joint armatures, and green screen. I think it the first time I have actually made anything walk like a human. Usually I create models with no legs so I don’t need to bother with animating walking. Its hard work! Many challenges along the way but very rewarding results in the end. The green screens were dropped out in post production, leaving the creatures to inhabit ‘The Under’ and appear on Stage with Sunny Drake in his one-person show, X.