Collage is a lifelong love of mine. I never grew out of cutting and pasting. There is a certain magic in the process of collage – putting seemingly disparate and unrelated snippets of ephemera together can create new and unexpected meanings. Quite often these new meanings have a startling relationship to whatever has been bubbling away in my mind lately. It’s as though collage is a shortcut to one’s subconscious. 

My collages are created from old magazines, vintage books, bus tickets, playing cards, old packaging, scrap art that was destined for the bin, things I find on the street – anything I can get my hands on. A love of collage makes it very difficult to throw anything out, as I can see a future use in almost every single scrap. It’s not uncommon for me to agonise over what to throw away, and then end up fishing it back out of the bin.