artist, animator, and multimedia creator

I am an artist, animator and multimedia creator living and working in Melbourne, Australia. I am truly a jack of all trades. While my fine art is very different from my commercial multimedia work, which in turn is vastly different to my personal animation projects,  I feel it makes sense to present the breadth of my creative output here as an entire portfolio. Please enjoy exploring my work. 


Sculptures of Black Throated Finches by Ingrid K Brooker

A multidisciplinary artist to the core, I work in many art forms, including collage, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and installation. 


Animation is what makes my heart sing. I’ve tackled many styles and methods over the years and harbour a special love for traditional stop-motion.


Video editing, post-production, graphic design, motion graphics, SFX, print media – I can do it all.

I’m particularly passionate about working for not-for-profit, humanitarian aid and social justice organisations.

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