artist, animator, and multimedia creator


A selection of works from my recent exhibition Brink are now available to view in the Brunswick St Gallery Stock Room. 

Brink, by Ingrid K Brooker, is an exhibition of sculptural works focusing on the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo.

Ingrid’s abstract wire sculptures capture the strength and beauty of these incredible birds, while also depicting the fragility of their existence.

Find out more here.  

Download the catalogue here. 

I am an artist, animator and multimedia creator living and working in Melbourne, Australia. A factotum. A multidiciplinary artist. A jack of all trades. While my fine art is very different from my commercial multimedia work, which is vastly different to my personal animation projects,  I think (and hope) it makes sense to present the breadth of my creative output here as an entire portfolio. Please enjoy exploring my work. If you want to get in touch, drop me a line at


Sculptures of Black Throated Finches by Ingrid K Brooker

A multidisciplinary artist to the core, I work in many art forms, including collage, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and installation. 


Animation is what makes my heart sing. I’ve tackled many styles and methods over the years and harbour a special love for traditional stop-motion.


Video editing, post-production, graphic design, motion graphics, SFX, print media – I can do it all.

I’m particularly passionate about working for not-for-profit, humanitarian aid and social justice organisations.

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