I have been making wire bird sculptures since 2014. One day I was playing with some old copper wire and almost absentmindedly created a bird. Birds have been a dominant theme in my artwork since and have been the predominant work of recent exhibitions and commissions. 

Made of salvaged wire, copper, tin, electrical components and found objects, these works represent fleeting impressions of bird life in both urban and natural environments.

'Created from salvaged industrial and domestic materials, Ingrid K Brooker’s birds show the duality of her multidisciplinary practice — a practical sensibility combined with a softness in her technical execution. With Ingrid’s touch, hard edges become organic, and discarded materials have new life breathed into them' - Brunswick St Gallery

'Brooker’s birds are nervous, curious and playful – they are skeletal in their essence and barely touch the ground.' - Silver Leaf Art Box