In a region as dispersed as the Pacific Islands, airports represent more than a travel hub: they are links to the world, jobs, specialized health care, and a vital connection to markets for many businesses. The World Bank has supported the government of Vanuatu through the US$73.9 million Vanuatu Aviation Investment project to repair and rehabilitate the country’s three main airports.

This project for the World Bank was a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like looking at footage of tropical islands all day? As with other work I have done for the World Bank, this project entailed looking through a large volume of footage and identifying the best stories to tell. I created one overall video outlining the broad scope of the Vanuatu Aviation Project. I also created vignettes highlighting individual, personal stories of people whose lives have been improved by the airport upgrades. It was great to ‘get to know’ these people – it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. I also got to learn a lot about airports. The wonderful thing about animation is it pushes to you to learn about all the things you need to represent. To create graphics for this project I had to research and learn about airports, runways and aviation equipment. I now know a lot more about what all those lines on the tarmac mean! All in all, this was another great project to work on with the World Bank. 

CLIENTWorld Bank
TASKMotion graphics, video editing, concept development, graphic design