Brink, by Ingrid K Brooker, is an exhibition of sculptural works focusing on the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo.

Ingrid’s abstract wire sculptures capture the strength and beauty of these incredible birds, while also depicting the fragility of their existence.

All five species of Black Cockatoo are threatened or endangered in some part of their distribution across Australia.

Pre-European invasion, Glossy Black Cockatoos were abundant across the southern mainland. Now extinct on the mainland due to land clearing, the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo subspecies Calyptorhynchus lathami halmaturinus has its last refuge on Kangaroo Island.

The Black Summer bushfires of 2019–20 destroyed over half a million acres of Kangaroo Island. More than 60% of the habitat and food for Glossies was lost, pushing them to the brink of extinction.

Many conservation efforts are now underway to protect the remaining population and revive the species. The Glossy Black Cockatoo Recovery Program has been planting Drooping Sheoaks for the birds to feed on, protecting hollow-bearing trees and conducting nest maintenance to improve breeding success.

10% of profits raised from sale of these artworks will be donated to the Nature Foundation’s Glossy Black Cockatoo Recovery Program.

Download the Brink catalogue here. 

GALLERYBrunswick St Gallery, Melbourne
DATEMarch 31- April 14, 2022