'Brooker’s birds are nervous, curious and playful – they are skeletal in their essence and barely touch the ground.' - Silver Leaf Art Box

ingrid k brooker is an artist, animator and multimedia creator from Melbourne, Australia. In Flight and Function she has created murders of crows, huddles of penguins, and quarrels of sparrows from salvaged wire and found objects. 

The Flight and Function exhibition is fitting for in its environment, surrounded by the plethora of birdlife on the grounds of Silverleaf Art Box, throughout the Mornington Peninsula, and across the bay at Phillip Island. 

Flight and Function also displayed the ceramic works of Vicky Randell

GALLERYSilverleaf Art Box, Mornington Peninsula
DATEDecember 5 2015 - January 20, 2016
MEDIASculpture and animation
EXHIBITION TYPEJoint exhibition