artist, animator, and multimedia creator


A multidisciplinary artist to the core, I work in many art forms, including collage, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and installation. 


Animation is what makes my heart sing. I’ve tackled many styles and methods over the years and harbour a special love for traditional stop-motion.


Video editing, post-production, graphic design, motion graphics, SFX, print media – I can do it all.

I’m particularly passionate about working for not-for-profit, humanitarian aid and social justice organisations.


In this exhibition, Ingrid K Brooker continues to explore and expand upon one of her favourite subjects: birds. In Wing, Brooker’s birds take flight for the first time, giving them a kinetic buoyancy and liveliness which hints at the creator’s background in animation. Made of salvaged wire, copper, vintage tins, electrical components and reclaimed red gum, these sculptural works are abstracted and imagined representations of Australian birdlife.

Please join me for the opening night on the 22nd of February, 6-9pm at Brunswick Street Gallery.

Level 1 and 2/322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Tuesday to Sunday 10am–6pm
Exhibition openings 6–9pm Friday.

Accessibility: Please note, the gallery is up two flights of steep, narrow stairs. Bannister handrail on one side only.